Live Auction Fundrasing Gala

Nashville Benefit Auctioneer Tom Riles Entertains and Leads Live Auction at BEST FEST in Franklin, Tennessee

By Tom Riles on December 18, 2023 0 Comments • Tags: #auctioneer #benefitauctioneer #comedy #entertaining #events #fundaneed #fundraising #liveauction #nonprofit #paddleraise #tomriles

Two years in a row I’ve been excited to entertain and fundraise for an amazing organization named Blind Early Services, located in Nashville, Tennessee. Happening just before Christmas the past two years, I’ve emceed, conducted a live auction, and led the paddle raise for these amazing folks.

Check out their incredible mission statement. Blind Early Services TN ensures that families are empowered and equipped through specialized programs of support to provide young children who are blind or low vision their absolute BEST start.

I look forward to continuing my partnership with them in the years to come, and Alison Clougherty, thanks for the kind words about my work:

“Tom was the auctioneer at our most recent fundraiser and he was a true game changer. He provided energy, humor and fun while helping to fundraise for our nonprofit in a way that was effective and relaxed. Everyone loved him and he brought in much more money for our organization than we’d ever raised previously. Thank you, Tom!” -Alison Clougherty, Executive Director

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