Live Auction Fundrasing Gala

Auctioneer Tom Riles from Nashville Fundraises for Make-A-Wish Michigan in Detroit with Live Auction and Fund A Wish

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I’ve been honored to go to Detroit, Michigan in both 2022 and 2023 for their WISH BALL benefiting Make-A-Wish Michigan. As an entertainer and auctioneer, conducting a Live Auction and Paddle Raise at the Fillmore Theater in Detroit was a dream come true. I got to take the stage with Wish Kids who’s lives have been changed thanks to the amazing donors at this gala.

The Make-A-Wish Michigan team does such an incredible job putting this fundraiser together each year, getting the right people in the room, and creating a program that moves each and every attendee. Bravo!

“I’ve worked with many auctioneers over the years, and Tom is one of the best. He can quickly connect with the audience and create a giving atmosphere. He creates urgency but not awkward pressure. He brings an outstanding balance of energy and seriousness to the room.

While working with Tom in preparation for our event, he took the time to understand the needs of our organization and what we hoped to accomplish. Tom provided support and excellent ideas to enhance our event. He also catered to our specific programmatic elements.

Overall, the attendees at our gala loved him, and we raised a significant amount of money. Tom exceeded our expectations.”

– Michael Hull, President & CEO of Make-A-Wish Michigan

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