Live Auction Fundrasing Gala

Benefit Auctioneer Tom Riles Fundraises for Nashville Non-Profit Gala ‘Agape Animal Ball’ with Live Auction and Paddle Raise

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Two years in a row I’ve been proud to break fundraising records via the Live Auction and Fund-A-Need for this Nashville Non-Profit which is close to my heart.

My wife and I have adopted two pups over the years, and in my mind, the best option if you are looking to rescue a dog in the Middle Tennessee area is connecting with Agape Animal Rescue. The team does such an incredible job matching dogs with their forever families.

And in honor of their work each year, we fundraise at the Agape Animal Ball. Attendees put on their suits, dresses, and dancing shoes to celebrate the hard work that the Agape team does every day, AND we raise a whole lot of money to keep this important mission going.

Here is Agape Animal Rescue’s Mission:

Through our work with both animals and humans, Agape strives to make Middle Tennessee a more inclusive environment where everyone can experience the transformative benefits of responsible, humane pet ownership.

On behalf of all the dogs waiting for a forever family, we thank you for your interest in improving the lives of these deserving animals.

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