Ellen DeGeneres Opener Warm-up Act, Ellen DeGeneres Benefit Auctioneer Comedian Opening Act

Tom Riles, Tennessee Charity Auctioneer, Opens for Ellen DeGeneres in Spokane, Washington

By Tom Riles on June 25, 2024 0 Comments • Tags: #auctioneer #benefitauctioneer #comedy #ellen #ellendegeneres #entertaining #fundaneed #fundraising #liveauction #non-profit #paddleraise #standupcomedy #tomriles

This amazing journey with Ellen continues on! It’s wild to think last week I was the auctioneer at benefit fundraiser, and this week I’m opening for Ellen in theaters around the country.

I was the audience warm-up act for Ellen for 17 years, and hard work pays off, because I’m thrilled to have this final opportunity with her.

Spokane, Washington was our second stop on this journey where we are hitting 20 cities around the country. I’d love to come back to these cities at some point and conduct the live auction at a non-profit gala! Thank you, Spokane!

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