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Tennessee Benefit Auctioneer Tom Riles Helps Increase Nashville Non-Profit’s Gala Revenue by 71%

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I’ve had a wonderful time serving as the charity auctioneer for one of my favorite Nashville non-profits, Nurses for Newborns for the last two years. Having a medically fragile daughter of my own, I can fully relate to what the families that this organization serve are going through, and I’m proud that my live auction and paddle raise have helped them move closer to their mission of making sure “Every Baby Deserves a Promising Start and a Bright Beginning.”

Nurses for Newborns provides a safety net for families most at-risk in order to prevent infant mortality, child abuse and neglect by providing in-home nursing visits which promote healthcare, education, and positive parenting skills.

And…their attendees are THE MOST fun! Back-to-back years I’ve been able to infuse comedy and entertainment into the fundraising appeal. It has been a blast.

“I can’t recommend Tom enough! He has been our auctioneer at Nurses for Newborns TN ‘s largest fundraising event for two years in a row and both times he has gone above and beyond to support our goals. Last year he helped us raise more than double what we had raised in previous years, playing a large role in helping us raise 71% more than we had raised the previous year! This year we set our goals high knowing Tom would be back and we were able to raise even more money for our organization. Tom is great with a crowd, funny and incredibly entertaining, he reminds people that it’s a good thing to give and makes it a lot of fun! Guests love him and it’s clear he really cares about this work.

-Kathleen Clancy, Development Director, Nurses for Newborns

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