Ellen DeGeneres Opener Warm-up Act, Ellen DeGeneres Benefit Auctioneer Comedian Opening Act

Nashville Charity Auctioneer Tom Riles Opens for Ellen DeGeneres Comedy Tour in Seattle, Washington!

By Tom Riles on July 10, 2024 0 Comments • Tags: #auctioneer #benefitauctioneer #comedy #entertaining #fundaneed #fundraising #liveauction #non-profit #paddleraise #tomriles

Ellen’s Last Stand…Up Comedy Tour keeps on rolling along. I’m honored to be bringing my mix of comedy, entertainment, and auctioneering to massive theaters around the U.S. as a part of Ellen’s final tour, resulting in her second Netflix Special!

Having worked for Ellen for over 17 years, I was thrilled to get the call to open for her one last time. Taking the stage before Ellen, I do part comedy, part warm-up, and part auctioneering. It’s so cool to be able to show off my selling skills, which I’m now showcasing for nonprofits in Nashville and beyond.

The Benaroya Hall in Seattle will be our biggest shows with Ellen to date. Seattle is also where we filmed Ellen’s 2018 Netflix Special, ‘Relatable’

Up next we are heading to Boston, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, Nashville, Charlotte, Chicago, Durham, and Minneapolis!

Get tickets to Ellen’s Last Stand…Up Tour here!

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