Live Auction Fundrasing Gala

American Heart Association Charity Auctioneer Tom Riles Helps Raise $1.8 Million at the 2024 Philadelphia Heart Ball!

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I was truly honored to serve as the benefit auctioneer for the second year in a row for the prestigious Philadephia Heart Ball this past March. The event was held at the National Constitution Center, and I was thrilled to be able to host the live auction and the Open Your Heart giving moment.

As the heart dad to a sweet daughter who was born with a heart defect, it is not lost on me that I’m so lucky to be standing on this stage, while my HEALTHY 14 year old daughter was at home. I have to bring her next year, because she is a HUGE American History buff, and it’s her dream to see where they signed the Constitution.

I must say the team that planned this event and manages the Philadelphia American Heart Association is absolutely top notch. They put all the pieces in place for an extraordinary event. They got the right donors in this beautiful room, and made sure that I was set up for success. I was just the man fortunate enough to get the bidding going during the live auction, and to be able to speak about the mission of AHA during the Open Your Heart appeal. And we raised just under $1.8 Million that night! Thanks so much to AHA for all of the incredible work you do.

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